latest ultoo trick 100% working feb 20 2013

1 trick that can save ur half time and u will get full rs. 2.70 from ul2

login ur acc. Then go to direct quiz
direct poll

here is the trick:-
work with uc and opera only

sms trick- go to send sms type number and sms
click send now after 4 or 5 sec press cancel edit msg add one letter and click send now and press cancele after 4 or 5 sec now continue this but remember change msg every time

poll trick -
go to poll page click on one option after 2 second click submit and after 2 second again submit and see magic do this for all 49 que. But remember last quetion me aisa na kare warna 10 paise ka loss ho jayega enjoy

quiz trick is like poll type ans. And click submit after 2 sec again click submit see magic