How to remove WinRAR password!

Are you tired of Password Guarded WinRAR files? Want to know how to bypass that without the need of a Winrar password remover or cracker? Want to know how I found out the special way to remove the password and GAIN full control of what's in my computer?

Let's begin!

1. Password Protected WinRAR
2. Internet Connection
3. Nothing Else.

Okay, so what you do first is, go to your password protected WinRAR file, if ANYTHING in there is password protected, you extract the WHOLE WinRAR file, if theres a WinRAR file in another WinRAR file and it's password protected then you simply extract it to your desktop. Unless it's a normal folder or anything.
Now go to this website:

Upload your file, and wait. Doesn't even take long, then download it again, if you have WinRAR installed then it will open in WinRAR but in .zip format, now double-click and go to your password protected file, BOOM.