easy way to convert any file to pdf

Google Chrome has a built-in PDF
writer so you can easily convert any
email message into a PDF file within
the browser itself but if you are
reading your emails on a mobile phone
or a tablet, you would need some sort
of a PDF conversion app.

Alternatively, you can forward the
original email message to
pdfconvert@pdfconvert.me and the
service will send a PDF version of the
message back to you in a second or
two. I tried converting a plain text
email message as well as one with
HTML tags and the conversion was
almost perfect in both instances.

If there are any Word, Excel or
Powerpoint attachments inside the
mail, you can forward the files to
attachconvert@pdfconvert.me and
they’ll come back to you in PDF
format. Zamzar is another helpful
service that let you convert files by
email but the advantage with
PDFConvert.me is that it sends you
the converted PDF file by email itself,
you don’t have to visit their website to
download the PDF.

You may also use the service to
retrieve web pages as PDFs. Just
send the web address (URL) of the
page in the body of the email message
to webconvert@pdfconvert.me and the
service will send you the full page in
PDF format. This feature can be used
for viewing pages that otherwise
aren’t accessible due to internet
The site’s privacy policy says that they store your email message on
their server only during the conversion process.