best way to hack nokia belle fp2 113.010.1506

step 1:

instal belle fp2 hack.sisx

step 2:

open safe man go to other->filemanager
(extract the zip file in any other folders in any drive)

step 3:

copy paste extracted rom patcher 3.1 lite files in the appropriate folders.

(safeman  copy only one file at a time. When you are going to paste it will ask the random security codes you can enter and press ok . See the ss )

step 4:

copy paste the patches files in e/patches

step 5:

copy paste the yinstallserver.exe file in c/sys/bin

step 6:

reboot your device

now you can see the rompatcher+ in menu

step 7:

open rompatcher+ and apply the patches

now your phone is hacked

step 8:

remove the safeman


rompatcher is not having the autostart capability. So you can apply the patches every time when your mobile is bootup.


Files updated

if you can't understand the following steps do the below steps to hack your mobile

1) install SafeManager (Nokia Belle FP2 Hack english full.sis)
2) manually copy the UpdatedSwiCertStore.dat in c:\resource\swicertstore\dat\
3) install RP+

now your mobile is hacked. Enjoy with your hacked mobile...

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