how to add facebook to blogger

1.First of all you will need
to create a facebook
application as you’ll
need an App ID. go to facebook developer
page , and create an
2.Copy your App ID as identified in the
screenshot below.star4m
3.Now paste your App ID in below generator Click “Generate code” button to get code
4.Go to blogger — >Layout —>Add a gadget
5.Choose HTML/ Javascript from the list
6.Copy and paste above
code into it
7.Save your gadget.

How To Install This
Widget To WordPress?

1.Go to Dashboard —> Appearance —> Widgets .
2. Add a text widget to sidebar.
3.Open the text widget,
keep the title blank.
4.Now add the above
generated code into it. save and it’s done !!
Now If any of your readers
click on the invite friends
button, the pop-up
window will show the list
of their facebook friends
as shown below.

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