• Simple icons used instead of colourful Icons i.e. Icons of download manager
  • All Icons of home page are combined into one single Image
  • Many other feature like zoom view are removed
  • And importantly many images (like images of loading dots) are removed.
As images of loading dots removed, this make UC browser difficult to mod. So today i m here to give you a new and very simple method to change the dots color of UC browser V9.2

Tools needed:

  • Blueftp
  • BytecodeEditor
  • Numerical color values


  • Extract UC into an Empty folder using Blueftp or MiniCommander(for Advanced users)
  • After Extraction, Exit Blueftp and Open ByteCodeEditor and go to the folder where u've extracted UC, now scroll down and find"ah.class", then open it >> Constant Pool.
  • Now you'll see some numerical digits there in a sequenced rows. You have to change the value of 1st and 6th row.
  • Digits of 1st row will be like '171773' that is numerical value of color 'light blue'. It is used for the color of 'dots' used in UC. Change its value to any other color's numerical value.
  • Digits of 6th row will be like '15528694' that is numerical value of color 'white'(virtually), and that is the background color of dots. Also change it to any other color's value you like.
  • Thats it, save it and Exit ByteCodeEditor. Open blueftp, go to that folder and compress all
  • After compression rename the file and put .jar at its end.
  • Now you are done , Install UC, your UC's dot color will be changed.

See, I changed the dot color to green(65280) and its background color to original white(-1)