how to hack admin user id and password in computer pc

1. First of all, you must have a bootable Ubuntu OS CD or DVD or a USB flash drive. If you dont have it, you can download it from and burn it to a CD or DVD or copy it on a USB flash drive by using UNetbootin software.This tool is available in several websites.But I have downloaded it from
2. Then boot the OS from CD or DVD or USB flash drive. If it doesn't boot, then you may have to change the boot order from your BIOS.
3. Don't install Ubuntu, instead chooseTry Ubuntu without installing.Now the Ubuntu OS gets loaded
4. When the OS has completed booting it will show you the desktop. In the left side of the desktop, you'll see a list of icons.You can find a folder icon on that list. Click on that icon
5. Click on Windows folder in the C: drive(you may have installed it on a different drive.So go to that respective drive) and then click onthe System32. In the System32 folder point to Magnify.exe and rename it as cmd.exe and rename the actual cmd.exe into Magnify.exe
6. Then restart your system and boot into windows(dont forget to remove the Ubuntu installation CD or USB drive before booting). Now at the logon screen press the ease of access button at the lower left corner and check the 'Make items on the screen larger(Magnifier)' checkbox and click apply. Now you will be provided with a command prompt window
7. In this window type" net user" (without quotes) and press enter.
8. This will list out the users in the system
9. Next type " net user x Microsoft " (without quotes) (here: "x" represents the username whose password is to be removed,so replace "x" with the corresponding username) andpress enter. (Eg: net user anuj Microsoft)
10. Now close the command prompt window and click that user name and type "Microsoft" in place of password and press enter.
11. Now you can log in to your windows account with this password.But dont forget to change your password
12. Then rename those two(magnify.exe and cmd.exe) back to their original names usingUbuntu.

Now ur wantd username/admin paswrd is hakd/crakd . Hope u njoyd i