how to use multiclicker for earning money online

How to use multiclicker for earning
1. download the multiclicker and plugins for downloading clink on link to post

2. extract it .
3. open the folder ,it will look like this

4.  now open the folder name is sites and paste the all the plugins in this folder. It will look like this.

5. back to folder and click on the icon Multiclicker 2 (Executable Jar file).

6. Multiclicker will open and look like this

7. click on the tab ADD

8. you will see the all the plugins there. click on the any one of them and then click on the ok+start tab

9. fill the login details

10. click on miscellaneous tab and check the start with programe box ( it's useful because in future u need just double click on the executable JAR file)

11. click on the tab ok+start and multiclicker will click ads for u automatically

enjoy automatic earn 

click on link to the post