Overclock Your GPU ! Boost Your Gaming Speed By 2 Times

Hi everyone, I will provide you here the simplest way to overclock your graphic card.Overclock Your GPU ! Boost Your Gaming Speed By 2 Times  

I have got almost 10FPS boost on every game !

----|THINGS REQUIRED|---------------------------------------------------------------

1) MSI AfterBurner (I recommend it for overclocking)
2) eVGA Pricision X (for downclock fix)
3) NVidia or AMD graphic card (don't know if it works with other graphic card)

----|OVERCLOCKING STEPS|---------------------------------------------------------------

1) Download MSI AfterBurner.
2) Install and run it.
3) There will be a option to 'Link' 'Core Clock (MHz)' and 'Shader Clock (MHz)'. Just press 'Link'.
4) And then increase Core Clock to 80% of its maximum value. The same you have to do with Shader Clock if can't link it with Core Clock.
5) After step 4, increase Memory Clock to 80% of its maximum value.
6) After you have done all the things, click on 'Apply' and start any game then you will notice a huge FPS boost.
7) You can use the option 'Apply overclocking at system startup' to apply your overclocking value at system startup.
7) Have fun !

----|DOWNCLOCK OR OVERCLOCK NOT WORKING FIX|---------------------------------------------------------------

If you notice a huge FPS drop in your games then it means that your CoreClock is downclocked to either 405 or other value. ShaderClock also gets downclocked.
Why This Happens ? - Because you overclocked your graphic card too much.


1) Download eVGA Precision X.
2) Install and run it.
3) Then click on 'VOLTAGE AND TWEAKS' and then a window will appear.
4) Click on 'K-BOOST' until it glows green. When it glows green, click on 'APPLY' and close that window.
5) And then close eVGA Precision X. Then open MSI AfterBurner and then try less value of Core Clock than you tried earlier.
6) Do the same with Shader Clock and then click on 'Apply'.
7) Play the game.


You again have to do the steps of 'DOWNCLOCK FIX' given above. It also happened to me but it fixed automatically.


Do the steps of 'DOWNCLOCK FIX' and then try the 'OVERCLOCKING STEPS'.


1) This thread should not be moved to PC Tips because its a major tutorial.
2) Make sure your graphics card doesn't reaches 90degree celcius temperature.
3) I do not take responsibility of any problem related to this. But I am 90% sure that no problem will occur.
4) Do not increase the value of Core/Shader clock too much.

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