health benefits of coconut water

Health Benefits of Coconut Water-
1. Reduce high blood pressure - Coconut water is
high in potassium and some studies have reported
that low levels of potassium has been linked to high
blood pressure. Therefore, drinking coconut water
regularly can help in regulating blood
pressure.Similar recent studies also have found
that coconut water can help raise HDL (good)
cholesterol, which makes it an excellent natural
treatment for maintaining good cardiovascular
2. Strengthen the Immune System - The lauric acid
in Coconut water has antibacterial, antifungal,
antimicrobial, and antiprotozoal properties, which
help strengthen the body’s immune system against
a variety of viruses and illness.
3. Keep Body Hydrated - Since coconut water is
pack with all five of the same electrolytes that the
body has, including potassium, magnesium,
chloride, calcium and sodium. Altogether, play an
important role in keeping the body hydrated during
physical activities. Even the United Nations Food
and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have fought for
a patent in 2000 to promote coconut water as the
next big sports drink.
4. Helps Lose Weight - Coconut water is low in
calories and 99% fat-free. A serving of coconut
water has just 46 calories. So regular intake of
coconut water can help shed unwanted pounds by
increasing the metabolic rate.
5. Aids in Digestion and Metabolism - Coconut
water contains various bioactive enzymes such as
acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase,
diastase, peroxidase and RNA polymerases, which
help to overcome the problem of digestion and
metabolism. Drinking of coconut water on a
regular basis has been shown effective in dealing
abdomen discomfort.
6. Improve Blood Circulation - Coconut water is
also good source of fiber, vitamin C and protein
which can help in improving blood circulation and
heart rate.
7. Good for Pregnant Women - Coconut water is an
efficient natural remedy for pregnant women who
suffer from acidity, constipation and heartburn
problems. It is also helps boost the levels of
amniotic fluid, which plays a vital role in the
overall wellness of the baby. With such great
benefits, it is no wonder that coconut water is
recommended for pregnant women.
8. Treats Urinary Infections - Coconut water is a
natural diuretic which helps prevent urinary tract
infections (UTI) as well as relieve the kidney
stones problem.
9. Promotes Skin Health - Coconut water acts as a
light moisturizer which also decreases excessive oil
on the skin. This proves to be beneficial for
smoothing the skin as well. It can be used directly
to a bath or mix with liquid shower gel. This
natural water is also best for treating acne and
blackheads as well.
10. Increase Energy Levels - The lauric acid in
coconut water stimulates the production of thyroid
hormones, thereby increasing your metabolic rate,
which in turn increase your energy level.

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