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Microsoft Winows 8.2 (9) x86/x64


Windows 8.2 aka Windows 9 is the global market in the eyes of many fans of the Windows operating system is on its way. According to the provider as the Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.2, and provided that the name is a pseudonym for Windows 9 currently being offered. Microsoft offers Windows 8.2, the latest version of Windows 8.1, 9 months is predicted to be dramatically different, to be shipped. Integrate Windows Phone and Windows RT target for the needs of the users will. Specialized in Tablet PCs using Windows and Microsoft first issue addressed in the final version of Windows 2014 users has promised. Windows 8.2 (9) Upon being presented with CNET will be on site in Persian.

After the final version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 than Windows User Comments About This drew. Microsoft Windows 8.1 was met with great feedback and the company provides the final analysis, the decision to build Windows 8.2 on a Windows 8.1 came with the nickname of 9. Changes taking place in the Windows 8.2 than previous versions of Windows are prent and can be changed, for example as a Windows login home page, a search engine for Windows, Internet Explorer, and new end-pointed.

promises to overcome the weaknesses of the users of Windows Phone and Windows 8.2 is data synchronization. Currently about Microsoft Windows do not provide accurate data and Ultimate.

Windows 8.2 features (9):

- Change log and the Windows Home

- Powerful search engine

- New Metro

- Speed ​​and higher performance

- Use the latest software updates applied as IE Antivirus domestic and ...

- High Security


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