how to extend whatsapp validity trick

extend WhatsApp validity to another 1 year..
This trick is so simple like slicing a butter with knife.. So here I come. If u r using WhatsApp on android/Windows then
you should have to get a symbian phone (ask your any frnd or known person to give you his/her phone for some minutes if they have Symbian phone)..
At first put your SimCard to this phone Now if they have already downloaded WhatsApp in his phone then uninstall it.. And download it again from Nokia Store or anywhere.
now open WhatsApp as you all know that they will ask you enter your phone number so put your number there and lets watch.. You'll see '1 year of service remaining'.. and now you can use whatsapp again on your on Android/Windows phone with this extended validity for free.
Note (This trick isn't any copy paste or you will not see anywhere else cause this is invented by me and if you think this is useless then don't spoil this thread and leave it for the people who really want this trick) and if u like the plz don't forget to 'Repute' me...
Here is some screenshots..

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