I was also face the same problem “Facebook Photo Tag Verification” and I do Google for “How to bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification in Facebook”, after get in the fake tricks and I realized that on internet resources there are huge on fake trick that really not working.

Now I after on 5 days I got genuine trick that help me to “Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification” and get back my Facebook account, and now we are sharing “Facebook Photo Tag Verification Bypassing Trick” on tech hack tweaks platform where we always finishes your searches

1st Method –

1. First of all download the Tunnel Bear VPN – Here
2. Now Install Tunnel Bear, open and Register or Login on Tunnel Bear
3. Now select your country “Japan” as Private location.
4. Now save it and connect, Wait for Connecting to Japan.
5. Connected!! Now Minimize it.
6. Now Open Mozilla Browser Or Opera Mini Or Google Chrome (Any)
7. Now open Facebook and Login to your Account, on which you have “Facebook Photo Tag Verification” issues.
8. After login, it will not ask you about any Photo Tag Verification, It will just Asks For Date Of Birth (DO Or Phone number Verification.
9. So, Enter Date of Birth or Phone Number and Verify your Facebook account using Verification Code.

2nd Method –

Second method is simple but time consuming, to do so just login to your Facebook account and now enter the right captcha. Now It will ask you to identify your friends from pictures.

You will get there total 5 chances every time and you can also skip if you are not identifying your friend from picture. You can skip 2 times. 

Now take screenshots of all the pictures and save with 1, 2, and 3 and so on, if you skip 2 times and you have other 5 chances it will makes 7 chances of pictures. Now just repeat the process several times and similarly save screenshots with specify number.

Now you just have to find 2 similar screenshots and compare them each other with taking a look at its tag also you will be get only 1 name common on both pictures and others 5 are different name. Now note down the common names and repeat the whole process again n again as mention above to find similar screenshots and comparing with all list of answers.

To find the all possible answer you have to try above mentioning processes at least 7-8 times. Now you have collected all possible answers, now try to bypass Facebook photo verification by submitting the right answer.

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