Hack wifi with android 2015

I am
going to give you 2 best method for hack your
friends or anyother wifi connection using your
android device.
1) hacking wap 2 securiy method
2) hacking wep security method
note: make sure Not every Android phone or
tablet will be able to crack a WPS PIN. your
android device must have a Broadcom bcm4329
or bcm4330 wireless chipset, and this is also
make sure your android phone must be rooted
in proper way.. The Cyanogen ROM will
provide the best chance of success. Some of the
known supported devices include:
Nexus 7
Galaxy Ace/S1/S2/S5
Nexus OnE
Desire HD
** Method 1 : hacking of WPA2 WPS
step:1) first of all you need to root your
android device or tablet. if u do not have root device just download and install iroot or kongo root or root genius application on pc and connect ur device to pc for rooting..
after root ur phone
step:2) now the next step is to Download
bcmon tool for your android device you can
download it from http://code.google.com/p/bcmon/downloads/detail?name=bcmon.apk
and install it properly.
And the use of this tool is to enables Monitor
Mode on your Broadcom chipset , which is
essential for being able to crack the PIN.
step:3) when you install bcmon in your device
,start the app and click on the " monitor mode "
tab .Your device must be rooted in order to
run bcmon.
Note: If bcmon prompted and says install the
firmware and tools to your device. Tap the
"Enable Monitor Mode " option. If the app
crashes, open it and try again. If it fails for a
third time, your device is most likely not
step:4) now if you successfully install bcmon
now this time you need another application
Reaver you can download it from 
use of Reaver tool is to crack the WPS PIN in
order to retrieve the WPA2 passphrase.
step:5) when you download reaver apps simply
Launch Reaver and Tap the Reaver for Android
icon in your App drawer. After confirming that
you are not using it for illegal purposes, Reaver
will scan for available access points. Tap the
access point you want to crack to continue.You
may need to verify Monitor Mode before
proceeding. If this is the case, bcmon will open
again.The access point you select must accept
WPS authentication. Not all routers support
step: 6) Verify your settings and also make sure
that you have checked the " Automatic Advanced
setting " box .
step:7) now lets Start the cracking process for
this Tap the "Start attack" button at the bottom
of the Reaver Settings menu.cracking WPS can
take anywhere from 2-10 + hours to complete,
and it is not always successful try next time if
you have not get success.
** Method 2 :hacking of WEP
step (1) (2) (3) same as above
step:4) After that tap the " Run bcmon terminal
" button and type " airodump-ng " (without
quotes) and hit enter once the airodump loads
finish,you would be directed to the prompt
command in which you areto type " airodump-
ng wlan0 " ( without quotes) and again tap
enter button
step:5) in this stage a mac address would
appear ,in which you are to jot down
step: 6) now this time to scan channel by
collecting information from the access point
before attempting to crack the password for
this type the following command
" airodump-ng -cchannel#--bssid MAC address-
w output ath0 "
and hit enter ,it would start scanning and
search till you get 20000-30000 packets .. Be
sure to plug it in if you are running low on
a) Replace channel# with the channel number
the access point is broadcasting on (e.g. 6).
b) Replace MAC address with the MAC address
of the router (e.g 00:0a:95:9d:68:16)
step:7) now you have almost crack password ,to
finally crack the password return to the
terminal ,but this is make sure you have
reached the suitable number of packets then
type " aircrack-ng output*.cap " and tap enter
to the terminal.
step:8) once you found cracked password
successsfully ,you would recieve a alerting
message that is " key found " and display the
key in hexa-desimal form like 14:54:26:98:24 .
step:9 ) now remove dot(. ) from hexadesimal
form and get your cracked password which
looking like bellow formate
that's it you have cracked wifi successfully.
Warnings: Hacking a router you are not
authorized to access is illegal.please I would be
not held responsible for any illigal activity this
tips is used for,its just for knowledge 

To download software in single zip file see down

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