easy way to Create your First Website in PHP

Hi all,
Most of you might have wished to create a website. This tutorial is for absolute beginners with basic knowledge about computers. If you are an intermediate/experienced web developer/programmer this tutorial might not help you.
In today’s tutorial we learn how to register free hosting space and upload our script to it. In my future posts I will teach how to write codes in php and create exiting websites and web applications.
Now let’s begin.  First you need to register to a free hosting site for hosting space. From my experience I have found that freewebhostingarea.com is one of the best service provider because it is veryeasy crate an account  the server also has a very fast response. Today we will register a subdomain (subdomain is of the form “yoursitename.somesite.com”).

Go to www.freewebhostingarea.com  In free subdomain hosting type your desired sitename, Now choose subdomain as xp3.biz (see fig.1). Now click on proceed. Ifyou sitename is available you will get a page as in fig2. Enter a valid email id and password. Check  accept terms,type captcha code and click on create. You will now get a confirmation page.(In case you get an error message cookie not enabled try after enabling cookie.It is advised to use google chrome browser for registration). You will now get a confirmation page.

Next go to www.xp3.biz . Login with username(yoursitename.xp3.biz) and your account password.(see fig 3).

You will be taken to the control panel of your site(fig.4). Control panel has lot of options we will discuss them later. On right side of control panel you will see the FTP(file transfer protocol) details. Note down this  we need it later.

We upload all our files and scripts to the website usingFTP. In order to do so we need FTP client softwares. FileZilla  is a well known open source  FTP client. Here we don’t use Filezilla instead we use the built in ftp feature of the popular text editor NOTEPAD++ because by using this you can edit you codes as well as upload them to server.

Open Notepad++ click on plugins ->NppFtp-> Show NppFTPwindow (see fig.5).  You will see the ftpwindow now at right side of notepad++.
Now click on settings icon in NppFtp window and chose general settings(fig.6) . Now click on add new and type any name(fig 7).
Next fill the FTP details (as  in fig.8).
Host name: noads.biz
Port: 21
User Name: yoursitename.xp3.biz
Password: you account password.

Next click on connect button and select your site name(as in fig. 9) wait till the connection is established. You can view files on your server once the connection is established(see fig. 10). You need to delete these files now. To do so right click on each of the file and select delete.(note : the file .ftpquota should not be deleted).
Once the files are deleted  right click on the root folder choose Create new file( See fig.11). Type file name as index.php . Wait till the file is created.

When the file index.php is created you can see it in NppFtp window. Double click on it wait till the file is opened in the editor. Once itis opened type the following code in the editor without error.

  1. <?php
  2. echo  'Hello friends,This is my first Webpage.';
  3. ?>
Copy the Code
Click on save.( see fig. 13)
Once the file is uploaded open your site url. (In the example it is sabin14.xp3.biz) in the browser. You will see the text  Hello friends, This is my first Webpage.

Congratulations!! You have created your first website.

I will teach more on how to write codes in php and then we will create a simple web site to show live cricket score in next part of the tutorial.
Feel free to ask any sort of doubts regarding the tutorial.