Free up memory on s60v3 and v5 device memory card

Many months ago, i had found a file named "glxmdstn" , no extension, in E:\private\101ffc31 . It had a woohping 367 mb size. But i didnt know how to delete it. Now i know and i want to share it.

On googling i found that it was the system file which stored images and video thumbnail cache. However problem was that it was recreated everytime it was deleted.

1. Connect memory card to pc or use any device other than nokia.
2. Now delete the glxmdstn file.
3. Create a text or any other file, and write anything in it to give it some memory (i used 7 bytes file).
4. Delete the extension of the file and rename it to glxmdstn.
5. Now place it in the folder E:\private\101ffc31
6. Tick read-only attribute.
7. Restart the phone. Thats it!

Now the file will be un-writable to the system. So it wont be able to store any thumbnail cache data. Hurray you saved your memory!