How to remove smartinstaller from Qt based apps

irst and main thing that you should do is to download and install the attached siseditor app on your phone
-after you install,open the siseditor and go to first option "Package name". Window will popup asking you to download UCweb,press "NO"
-next you will have to choose from which drive you want to select (in this case Qt based app that you want to remove smart installer from)
-now the application has been opened and go to option "File list-64 file(s)
-you can see now the application and smart installer are separated
-mark the application,press options/extract some where in your memory card
-once the app is extracted you can close siseditor
-now the app is without smart installer
-with your file manger find extracted app and install on your phone

If you want to remove smart installer form Qt based apps downloaded from Ovi/Nokia Store follow this steps

-open your Ovi/Nokia store
-find and download the desired Qt app
-when the downloading is complete window will popup "Preparing installation" and right after this "Install: name of the app with options "OK" and "Cancel"
-do not press any option but press the menu button and leave Ovi/Nokia store to work in backround
-open your file manager and go to E:/install. Here will be downloaded app from Ovi/Nokia store and copy the app to other folder on your memory card
-once the downloaded app is copied to one other location you can close the Ovi/Nokia store
For removing the smart installer use the above method with siseditor

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