Unlock Windows Phone 8.1

Tutorial for Beginners

The peoples who are New to the Windows phone environment....Dont know how to install Apps from Outside the store.
Here is A Tutorial for installing Apps outside The Store.

Unlock Your Windows Phone Before installing Any app from Here or outside the store.

1. First of All You need a PC or Laptop with USb connection.
2. Download And Install Windows Phone 8 SDK from here:

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Its Approx 1.6 GB....
Burn in on DVD and install.

3. If its too big for u to Download...then u can install windows phone 8 SDK light.
Its also work perfectly and Just in 65 MB.
Get it here:

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4. Download and Extract the zip file and run InstallWP8SDKToolsLite.bat as Administrator...to start the installation.
After a few minutes WP8 Lite SDK should be installed on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

5. Now Connect Your windows Phone to the PC and Make sure internet is ready on both PC and phone.
7. Goto C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v8.0\Tools\Phone Registration
And Run the PhoneReg.exe as Admin.
it will detect your phone and ask to register.
8. Now Fill Your Hotmail ID and Password here and click on register button.
After some minute and You get info...Phone unlocked successfully

10. Enjoy...Now Your windows phone is unlocked and u can install any cr@ck app from outside the store.

Limitation: its a general Method...and using this method u can install only two apps on your phone at a time....
For More app u need to uninstall previous or need student developer unlock.
which i shall tell in next tute....then u will be able to install Max 10 apps.

Problems And Solutions:

1. If a Connectivity.dll error shows up during the SDK installation make sure to install .NET Framework 4.5.1 before running the SDK installation.

2. If an IpOverUsbSvc error shows up in one of the tools and you have already tried rebooting your PC, try reinstalling your Phones drivers by switching it to an other USB port and make sure Windows Update downloads the drivers.

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