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Download Windows 10 Final Genuine All Edition ISO With Activator

Windows 10 Final All in One Edition ISO with Genuine Activator

This ISO has these editions of Windows 10:

*Windows 10 Home x86
*Windows 10 Home x64
*Windows 10 Pro x86
*Windows 10 Pro x64
*Windows 10 Home Single Language x86
*Windows 10 Home Single Language x64
*Windows 10 Enterprise x86
*Windows 10 Enterprise x64

How to Install ?

1. Extract the zip file , Burn the ISO to a DVD or make a bootable flash drive
2. Boot the DVD/USB
3. Follow the Installation by agreeing terms & clicking Next
4. Select Windows 10 Edition you want to Install & click on Next then Wait till it installs
5. After install You can activate any edition with Given activator.
6. That¡¯s all 


1.Disable any virus guards/2.Firewalls/Windows Smart Screen first
3.Download and install Activator
4.Now open ¡®KMSELDI.exe¡¯ from ¡®C:Program FilesKMSpico¡¯ folder
5.Click tokens backup button which is with an arrow facing down icon (click yes in next message box)
6.After that click Red button
7.Wait till it says program completed ,acti…

5 Natural Ways to Whiten your Yellow Teeth

5 Natural Ways to Whiten your Yellow Teeth
People often fell with looks and smile, people with yellow teeth feel ashamed to talk since it affects their confidence and personality, there are simple methods to whiten the teeth, it not only restores the color of the teeth your confidence too

Artificial methods like laser bleaching, bleaching strips are used widely but natural remedies too work effectively, do not over do since it may affect teeth health. The most reasons for discoloration are Smoking, drinking tea, Improper Brushing

5 Natural Ways to Whiten your Yellow Teeth

1) Turmeric

Things to Need :

Turmeric 2 pieces
Lime Juice
Directions :
Take Some turmeric and Roast them well
Crush them well and make it as a Powder
Add Lime juice and Salt to the Powder
Use them as a Paste, it makes Gums Healthier too
2) Banana Peel

Things to Need :
Directions :
Banana peel Possess Minerals and Magnesium which penetrates into the teeth and whiten them
Rub the Banana Peel for 3 Minutes and Leave it for …


I was also face the same problem “Facebook Photo Tag Verification” and I do Google for “How to bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification in Facebook”, after get in the fake tricks and I realized that on internet resources there are huge on fake trick that really not working.

Now I after on 5 days I got genuine trick that help me to “Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification” and get back my Facebook account, and now we are sharing “Facebook Photo Tag Verification Bypassing Trick” on tech hack tweaks platform where we always finishes your searches

1st Method –

1. First of all download the Tunnel Bear VPN – Here
2. Now Install Tunnel Bear, open and Register or Login on Tunnel Bear
3. Now select your country “Japan” as Private location.
4. Now save it and connect, Wait for Connecting to Japan.
5. Connected!! Now Minimize it.
6. Now Open Mozilla Browser Or Opera Mini Or Google Chrome (Any)
7. Now open Facebook and Login to your Account, on which you have “Facebook Photo Tag Verification” issues.
8. After…

Download APK files online from google play store directly

Best and easy way to download .apk file from google play store is using the below links \

Hi Guys... 

Paste ur Playstore link Nd get Direct download link..

link here
enjoy give your comments and suggestion
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Hey guys how are you all? most of you are curious to check your friends or partners mobile balance. Well, its not possible in all operator but 100% possibly is there if your friend is using BSNL number.

Steps to Follow :'

1. Visit BSNL recharge page from click here
2. Now enter your friends or any other BSNL number .

3. On e-mail field, enter any random email address.

4. On next page, click on General top-up.

5. Once you click on General TopUp, you will be redirected to next page where you have to select recharge amount. select any amount and click on Submit.

6. Finally on next page, click on Get Balance to check balance of your friends number.

Done !! Enjoy and do share this post with friends.

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Celebrities who insults National Flag

Mandira Bedi

She faced ire of people after she was spotted wearing a sari which had the colours of the Indian flag in a disrespectful manner on a satellite television channel. 

Sania Mirza

The tennis player was pictured sitting with her bare feet that appeared to rest on a table next to an Indian flag.

Malini Ramani

The designer landed in trouble when she donned a sexy Indian flag shimmer dress. 

Gehna Vashishth

A complaint was registered against model for insulting our national flag by using it to cover her semi nude body.

Mallika Sherawat

She embroiled herself in legal trouble after draping herself with the Tricolour in her upcoming movie 'Dirty Politics'.

Kim Sharma

The actress participated in the rally against the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks during which she was pinned on her top which was upside down.

Mataji Nirmala Devi

The self proclaimed 'GOD' Mataji Nirmala Devi, can be seen insulting the national flag. 

Sachin Tendulkar

The former Indian cricket was accused of insulting the…

Flipkart tricks

To Get Rs 25 Flipkart Vochers :

1). Download & Install PriceTree App From Playstore Or

2). After Install Open App.

3). Now Click Top Left Menu and click on Refer and Earn, there you can claim your Flipkart Gift Voucher.

4). Coupons come daily at 9am in the morning. You need to be prepared to grab it before others do.

5). At 8.58 am tomorrow, be ready and check out when the offer starts and click on Get my Coupon.

6). As long as you can click the Get my Coupon Button, you are sure to get your vouchers within next 24 hours.

7). After 100 users claims the coupon, the button will become unclickable.

Njoy The Trick 

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Hack wifi with android 2015

I am
going to give you 2 best method for hack your
friends or anyother wifi connection using your
android device.
1) hacking wap 2 securiy method
2) hacking wep security method
note: make sure Not every Android phone or
tablet will be able to crack a WPS PIN. your
android device must have a Broadcom bcm4329
or bcm4330 wireless chipset, and this is also
make sure your android phone must be rooted
in proper way.. The Cyanogen ROM will
provide the best chance of success. Some of the
known supported devices include:
Nexus 7
Galaxy Ace/S1/S2/S5
Nexus OnE
Desire HD
** Method 1 : hacking of WPA2 WPS
step:1) first of all you need to root your
android device or tablet. if u do not have root device just download and install iroot or kongo root or root genius application on pc and connect ur device to pc for rooting..
after root ur phone
step:2) now the next step is to Download
bcmon tool for your android device you can
download it from
and install …

Amazing River With Thousands of Shiva Lingas

Thousands of pilgrims visit Sahasralinga to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. Each Lingam in the river has a matching carving of Nandi (the Bull carrier of Lord Shiva) facing it.

Shiva Lingas have been worshipped by Hindus for thousands of years. It represents divine power and energy. The worship of Shiva Linga was not confined to India only. Carvings of Shiva Lingas can be found throughout the world in nearly every ancient civilization.

Sahasralinga is a most beautiful place. It is located near Sirsi, in the state of Karnataka. It is on the way to Yellapur from Sirsi, around 17 kms from Sirsi. After Bhairumbe you will have to get down at a bus-stop called Hul Gol bus-stop and walk towards Hul Gol. From the main road it is a distance of around 2 kms.

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Airtel free 2g , 3g, 4g, internet trick 2015 working

here is Airtel Droid Vpn trick.. many of u might b aware of this.. At many places tcp tricks also get blocked.. but.. it is also working in many areas..  u can try it own 

First of all download droid vpn from playstore .. 

go to . click here

its free 

after installation and login of account.. go to settings.. 

goto connection protocol and make it TCP

then http headers .. tick it to enable.. and type this


now select any free server.. and connect.. 

As we all know that airtel have sim block issues.. so .. use it.. there is nothing like downloading limit.. its upto airtel.. they can block free net any time.. 

zero balance needed.. (y)

it will work for 2g 3g and 4g too .. 


for download 

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